Summer School on Computational Topology


June 22-25, 2015

Faculty of Computer and Information Science
University of Ljubljana - Slovenia


Poster of the school

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The Summer school will consist of a series of short courses and invited lectures discussing topics in Computational Topology and closely related fields where new applications and interactions could be found. The students will have the opportunity to present their own research on posters and short afternoon talks, as well as to work together on assigned projects related to the topics of the lectures.

The general orientation of the summer school will be towards applications of the methods of Computational Topology, such as persistence, discrete Morse theory, and topological complexity, to various fields in mathematics and computer science like combinatorics, bioinformatics and robotics, as well as to specific algorithms. The program is intended to stimulate interaction between students and researchers with different backgrounds and interests.

The school is aimed mainly at Master or early PhD level students of Computer Science, Mathematics and related fields, though all are welcome.

Organizing Committee

Barbara Di Fabio (University of Bologna)

Aleksandra Franc (University of Ljubljana)

Gregor Jerše (University of Ljubljana)

Neža Mramor (University of Ljubljana)

Petar Pavešic (University of Ljubljana)

Primož Škraba (Jozef Stefan Institute of Ljubljana)